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Composite decking in Fleetwood is a fantastic option for improving or replacing your existing property exterior. Offering composite decking throughout the North West, our choices of styles ensure you can find something perfect for your garden. Decking boards are easy to install, whether you are placing an existing board or making home improvements.

Celplas Ltd have fantastic knowledge of all decking boards and installation equipment. We can provide advice on any products you are looking to order, or you can order online for projects of any size. Offering a personal service to all clients, we assist on commercial and domestic projects, for professional installation of DIY.

To order composite decking in Fleetwood, contact Celplas Ltd today. Shop online or call us on 01253 591 717.

Why Use Composite Decking?

Composite decking is extremely long lasting and the material also looks fantastic visually, giving it several benefits over alternatives. Unlike wood and metal decking, composite material is made from a combination of recycled PVC, wood fibre and bonding materials. Thai means all composite decking is environmentally friendly, without compromising on durability.

You can order all composite decking in Fleetwood online with Celplas Ltd, choosing the exact products you need. All orders we supply to Fleetwood are completed swiftly, ensuring there is minimal delivery time for orders of any size. Along with its fantastic durability, composite decking can also add up to 10% value to your home. This makes it a great option for the short and long-term.

This will maintain its value as, unlike wooden decking, composite material will not rot. Also being resistant to insect damage, moisture and weather conditions, you have a perfect option for your garden. It is unlikely you will require any repairs or replacement boards, although you can purchase just singular boards if this is all you need. Composite decking is low maintenance and only requires soap and water for cleaning.

You can choose from several options for the colour, texture and finish of your composite decking in Fleetwood. We want to give you full control over the final design, ensuring it matches your property and garden. Regardless of the colour you choose, you have full assurance of quality. Our colours are unlikely to fade with composite decking having UV resistance against sun exposure.

If you are unsure regarding what products to order, we offer full advice to all our clients. We will talk you through our options, with all products offering fantastic durability and design. Additionally, we are happy to assist whether it is a DIY project or professional installation. All our decking boards and additional products make installation easy, for the highest quality decking when making home improvements.

Composite Decking Boards

To install and redesign your exterior, you can choose from our great range, with all products available to order online. Furthermore, to make installation easy, we also have decking angles and fixing available online. These fit directly into our composite decking boards, making installation as easy as possible for our clients and less time–consuming. The decking products we have available to purchase online include:

With Celplas Ltd, you can order all your products in the same place. When you receive your products, you can begin installation straight away and finish your composite decking projects with ease. If you can not find the measurements or sizes you require online, our team are happy to discuss the exact specifications for your projects. We aim to fully satisfy our clients and can offer some sizes in store that are not available online.

We recycle materials to manufacture all boards in an environmentally friendly way. This never compromises on their benefits, still providing strong, waterproof, UV and weather resistant boards. Our boards also come with a choose of wood grain finishes or groove styles. You can choose the texture based on your preference, with a combination of both for a reversible finish, or just one of the finishes.

For advice on all our products and to source different sizes or styles for composite decking in Fleetwood and the local area, contact us today. Shop online or call us on 01253 591 717.

Composite Decking Supply In Fleetwood

Fleetwood is a coastal town in the North West of England. It is in the county of Lancashire and the borough of Wyre. It has a population of over 25,000 people and is also alongside the river Wyre. We are local to the area and happy to help all clients here when transforming your property exterior. With our composite decking in Fleetwood, we offer guidance and supply of equipment to all clients here.

Fleetwood is a popular area for locals and visitors, with several nearby attractions. Additionally, it is close to the seaside town of Blackpool which is a great location for a day out. Some of the best activities across and nearby Fleetwood include Fleetwood Museum, Farmer Parrs Animal World, Fleetwood Market and The Promenade.

We’re always ready to help homeowners throughout Fleetwood, adding value and a fantastic design to your exterior. With our team, you have a dependable choice and quick response for all composite decking in Fleetwood. You can also visit our store to discuss and view our products or call us and order online for more information on any equipment.

About Celplas Ltd

With several years of industry experience, Celplas Ltd are true experts for all decking and home improvements. Assisting with both interior and exterior work, we have a comprehensive list of products and services to create dream homes through DIY or building professionals. Our products for property improvements include LED mirrors, PVC guttering, windows and doors.

The majority of our products are available to purchase online. However, we are happy to speak to clients and discuss your requirements in person. This can be in advance of a project or just do find out what equipment you need. If you do not find the products you are after online, we source additional materials to find what you need, leaving you fully satisfied with your experience.

We aim to deliver products quickly for any projects throughout Fleetwood and the North West. Whether you request delivery or want assistance in our shop, you receive quality products and a personal service from our team.

Order Composite Decking In Fleetwood

For more information on the products we have available or to order composite decking in Fleetwood today, contact Celplas Ltd. You can order any of our products online and purchase directly from the site by adding to your basket and checking out. Alternatively, you can call us on 01253 591 717.