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Composite decking is a fantastic option for your property. Whether you already have decking in your garden and want a different style, or currently have overgrown shrubbery, we can help transform your exterior. With our composite decking in Poulton, you can order all the decking boards you need, along with any additional equipment for installation.

Celplas Ltd are industry experts when it comes to composite decking and other home improvement. Supporting clients throughout the North West, we can advise you on the best option for your property and what to order. Whether this is for commercial or domestic projects and DIY or professional installation, our equipment is suitable for all work.

To order composite decking in Poulton, contact Celplas Ltd today. Shop online or call us on 01253 591 717.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a material for decking boards that provides homeowners with a stylish and visually appealing property exterior. It is a great alternative to wood and metal decking, whilst also being durable and low maintenance. Our composite decking is made from a range of recycled materials and bonding materials. This includes recycled wood fibre and recycled PVC, making it a great option for the environment but still maintaining its quality.

With Celplas Ltd, you can order composite decking in Poulton online, ensuring a quick supply to your location and the decking boards that you want. Choosing composite materials over other options has several benefits, including quality adding up to 10% value to your home. Due to their durability, they are unlikely to rot like wood decking could. Additionally, it resists harsh weather conditions, moisture and insect damage.

This makes composite decking extremely low maintenance and a great option for your home. Whilst you can clean your decking, it should stay relatively clean using just soap and water. The quality of composite decking doesn’t compromise its style and still looks fantastic, with several different colours and finishes available. You can choose the texture and colour you prefer and one that suits your garden. Again, composite decking means colour is unlikely to fade due to sun exposure and keeps its look for several years.

Our team provide support for all homeowners or professionals looking to install composite decking in Poulton and the North West. We can discuss your requirements in advance of the project and the best option for you, as well as how to install without issues. We strive to provide the highest standard of service and give you an exceptional long-term investment with the quality of our products.

Decking Boards

At Celplas, we have several composite decking boards available to choose from. You can choose the colour you would like, along with different textures and styles we have available. When installing for your property exterior, we also have decking angles and fixings available to make this process as easy as possible. These fit perfectly with our decking boards to make installation less time-consuming and stressful.

The decking products we have available to purchase online include:

You can easily order all the products you need and ensure installation can be completed as soon as your products have arrived. Regardless of your project size, our composite decking is suitable for any exteriors. We are happy to advise you on materials and products, as well as any measurements if you are unsure on what sizes you need.

Whilst composite decking has a fantastic lifespan, it is made from recycled materials and can also be recycled. If you do have any issues, your current decking boards can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and replacement boards can easily be purchased.

We use the best manufacturers for all our composite decking, with decking boards being strong, waterproof, UV and weather resistant. They withstand any tough temperatures and maintain the quality of their surface. Furthermore, you have different surface choices with a reversible decking board. One side has a wood grain finish and another has a groove style. You can match the two or choose the one you prefer.

We can advise you on all our products and also source different sizes or styles for composite decking in Poulton and the local area. Shop online or call us on 01253 591 717.

Composite Decking Supply In Poulton

Poulton-le-fylde, commonly just Poulton, is a small market town in the county of Lancashire. It has a population of over 18,000 people and is close to the West coast, along the city of Blackpool. As we are in the Blackpool area, we are always happy to help clients in Poulton, ensuring you can purchase products in our local store, or supply composite decking in Poulton directly to you.

Poulton is a fantastic area for locals and visitors. It has many attractions, and for homeowners here, transforming your garden to enjoy the North West weather is essential. Composite decking is a great option for all homeowners to add value and make the most of your garden. Some of the attractions close to Poulton include the market town centre, Over Wyre and St Chad’s Church.

We want all building professionals and homeowners to have a dependable choice for composite decking in Poulton, with our services, we can supply all clients throughout the North West with the highest quality materials. Whether you need advice on installation or just want to order our decking boards, our team offer an exceptional service, with great knowledge of all products and what you need for projects.

About Celplas Ltd

With several years of industry experience, Celplas Ltd are true experts for all decking and home improvements. Assisting with both interior and exterior work, we have a comprehensive list of products and services to create dream homes through DIY or building professionals. Our products for property improvements include LED mirrors, PVC guttering, windows and doors.

The majority of our products are available to purchase online. However, we are happy to speak to clients and discuss your requirements in person. This can be in advance of a project or just do find out what equipment you need. If you do not find the products you are after online, we source additional materials to find what you need, leaving you fully satisfied with your experience.

We aim to deliver products quickly for any projects throughout Poulton and the North West. Whether you request delivery or want assistance in our shop, you receive quality products and a personal service from our team.

Order Composite Decking In Poulton

For more information on the products we have available or to order composite decking in Poulton today, contact Celplas Ltd. You can order any of our products online and purchase directly from the site by adding to your basket. Alternatively, you can call us on 01253 591 717.