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Plastic Cladding Explained

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There are many benefits to plastic cladding and there is also a whole host of uses for it in domestic or commercial buildings. But what exactly is PVC cladding? And what is it used for?

Plastic cladding is commonly used when remodelling a kitchen or a bathroom, and can also provide the best waterproofing solutions in the commercial or industrial sectors. The word ‘cladding;’ describes the covering of one material with another. Cladding can be used in metal works, fibre optics or even nuclear fuel.

In the home or workplace, Plastic cladding is used for bathroom ceilings and kitchen ceilings, and for waterproofing walls. It makes a very good alternative to tiling; made from high quality PVC, they can be installed very easily using a tongue and groove system. For walls and ceilings, the interlocking cladding can create a seamless finish and can often be completed much faster than tiles.

Plastic cladding is becoming a popular choice for homeowners and property developers as there is no grouting required during application making it a speedy process, and it is also completely waterproof. Other benefits of choosing plastic cladding include:

  • Practical and easy to clean (hygienic and ideal for homes or workplaces).
  • Non porous and free from mould.
  • Versatile – can be used in any room (wet or dry areas).
  • Robust and can provide rooms with sound proofing.
  • Good for insulation and waterproof.
  • Ideal for both walls and ceilings and no grouting required.

The Warmer Alternative to Tiles

Not only are the benefits listed above the perfect reasons to use plastic cladding instead tiles for bathroom and kitchen walls / ceilings, but PVC cladding is also warm to touch, unlike tiles.

If you are interested in plastic cladding for you home / workplace, get in touch with the PVC cladding experts today.  Celplas PVC Ltd is the UK’s leading supplier of PVC cladding and they can help you create beautiful, waterproof and low maintenance walls and ceilings in your home today. Visit the Celplas website to find out more information on PVC cladding.



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