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Plastic Wall Cladding


Using plastic wall cladding in your home has many advantages. It offers great protection for your walls and can prevent dampness and will not rot like other materials such as wood. It offers a very good alternative to wood, brick and tile finishes in bathrooms and kitchens and with a range of styles and colours available it is easy to find a perfect match with the existing décor.

Plastic wall cladding is made of highly durable PVC and is coated with acrylic to make it tough and resilient. It’s hollow panel construction provides good insulation and also reduces mould growth and condensation making it perfect for installation in bathrooms and kitchens.

With plastic wall cladding installed you will not be required to carry out a lot of maintenance work as you have to with wood and other materials. There will be no need for rubbing down and re-painting or re-varnishing or having to re-grout tiles. The plastic is very hard wearing and durable and will last a very long time saving you precious time and money in restoration work.

Pvc cladding used for interior walls is very hygienic because it is very easy to clean. There can be a lot of work involved cleaning other materials but with plastic all you need to do is give it a wipe over and it is sparkling clean again. Using simple household detergents you can easily clean the plastic and it will prevent any kind of build up of harmful germs and bacteria.

Plastic wall cladding is lightweight and very easy to install. It can be easily moulded to fit in difficult places unlike wood and other materials. You can install it easily yourself but if you do choose to employ somebody to install it for you it will be completed quickly and will save you a lot of money and time.

These days plastic cladding is available in a number of different colours and styles and can really look beautiful when applied to your home. It is an easy job to colour match your cladding with doors and windows and other areas of your home. A well fitted plastic cladding installation can make your rooms look very striking.

With all of the advantages offered by the use of plastic wall cladding it is a smart move to take advantage of it. At Celplas we offer a wide range of colours and sizes to match your requirements at very reasonable prices. Let Celplas handle all your plastic cladding requirements.


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