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Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels the perfect alternative to tiles.

250 mm wall cladding will transform your bathroom, and create a stylish, practical space. Made from PVC, wall cladding here at Celplas PVC LTD is high quality, light weight and low maintenance.

known as wall cladding panels they are much easier to work with than tiles, and they also require no grouting, to install the panels, simply slot them together using the tongue and groove system. The tongue on one panel simply slides into the groove of the next panel until your whole wall is covered. No spacing, no grouting, no sealing and no treating required. Simply install the bathroom wall panels and your new bathroom is ready to use.

Bathroom Wall Panels can be installed directly onto timber studding, plaster, block, brick, and can even be fixed over existing ceramic tiles. The easiest installation method involves simply using some panel adhesive to stick the panels directly to the wall.

Not only is the installation of these panels easy and simple, the panels are also low maintenance too. PVC is a material that is naturally waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about water damage around your sink, bath or shower. And as there is no sealing or grouting involved, you don’t have to worry about mould developing either. In fact, bathroom wall panels are one of the most hygienic ways to cover your bathroom walls.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, our bathroom wall panels, here at Celplas, can be used to suit any bathroom, in any style. From the most contemporary, to classic traditional bathrooms, we have wall cladding to suit any home. This includes marble effects, sparkle effects, tiled effects or just plain white.

Installing PVC wall cladding is a good way to achieve a clean, high quality effect in any bathroom.

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