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Shower Wall Panels

shower wall panels

1000mm wide Shower panels

Transform your shower enclosure or wet room with our stylish shower wall panels. For many bathrooms, the shower is the key visual feature, that draws attention as soon as you enter the room. But you don’t need to rely on tiles to achieve this effect. Here at Celplas, we provide a range of stunning shower cladding panels, or wall cladding, to give your bathroom a stylish makeover.

Easy to install, by simply slotting together the panels in a tongue and groove style system, our shower wall panels are a great alternative to tiles. They can quickly cover your shower space, saving you time and money and keeping any DIY or professional project on budget. For example, surface imperfections can hinder the progress of traditional tiling. But for shower wall panels, the panel adhesive will be enough to solve these irregularities and provide a smooth surface for a stylish, professional result. You also don’t have to return to the panels a day later for tricky grouting that can be messy.

Shower panels are also stylish and visually attractive. Available in a range of styles including marble, sparkle, and neutral, you can achieve a contemporary, or traditional finish to your shower enclosure or wet room.

With little to no maintenance, our shower wall panels are also a practical option. Tiles will need sealing, re-grouting and treating over time, while with our wall panels, all you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth to keep them looking clean, bright and new. And with no grouting, there is no chance of mould forming, so your bathroom will remain clean, sanitary and hygienic.

These PVC wall panels can be easily installed directly onto a range of surfaces, including timber studding, plaster, block, brick, and can even be fixed over existing ceramic tiles.

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  • Sale! White pvc shower panel

    White Shower Panel (2.4m)

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  • Sale! White Marble Shower Panels

    White Marble Shower Panel (2.4m)

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  • Sale! Grey concrete shower wall cladding

    Grey Concrete Shower Panel (2.4m)

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  • Grey marble shower cladding

    Grey Marble Shower Cladding (2.4m)

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  • Sale!

    Black Sparkle Shower Panel (2.4m)

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  • Sale! White Galaxy Shower panel

    White Galaxy Shower Panel (2.4m)

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