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Cover Boards

To transform your existing timber boards and breathe a new lease of life into your property, take a look at our cover boards here at Celplas. These can be a great option for traditional and modern properties alike, and our cover boards allow you to finish your property with style.

A cover board is the term used to describe a type of fascia board that is used to cover over an existing timber fascia. Because these are only a cover option, it’s important to note that these must always by installed on top of timber, or a timber backing board. This is because the solid timber will support the weight of the guttering, while the cover board provides a stylish and attractive finish. You should also note that any cover board must only ever be fixed to rot-free timber that is structurally sound. This is because simply using a cover board to hide any rotting timbers, will make the problem worse, and possibly cause damage to your whole roof system or structure.

Cover boards aren’t only used for replacement though, as they can installed in new build properties too. However, as stated above, these need to be fitted onto a timber backboard to ensure the security and support of the guttering and rainwater system. Fitting a cover board on a new build can be a good option, as it will help to protect the timber backing board from the weather and elements, while also providing a glossy, high quality, maintenance free finish.

Otherwise known as capping boards, our cover boards are resistant to weather, temperature, chemicals and impact, and they are also impervious to insect infestations too. This means that these boards are extremely low maintenance, and won’t need to be treated, painted or sealed, as you would expect with timber cover boards.

Here at Celplas, our cover boards are also visually attractive too. You can choose either white or timber effect for your cover boards, to provide the perfect look.

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