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PVC Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels

PVC Bathroom wall panels will make your bathroom beautiful as well as providing a virtually maintenance free solution. With conventional tiled bathrooms, there is a need to re-grout the tiles often as discolouring occurs making the grout look tired and dirty. Wall panels only require a simple wipe over to have them gleaming again and keep your bathroom looking lovely and new. You can choose from a variety of styles and colours so that your bathroom wall panels will blend in perfectly with the other decorative factors of your bathroom.

In days gone by bathroom wall panels were made of wood and many people installed these in their homes. The trouble is that wood requires a lot of maintenance to prevent it from rotting and decomposing. This can be a lot of work rubbing down surfaces and re-painting. Wood also attracts dirt and can be a real dirt trap which can be very unhygienic. It can also attract insects.

PVC or plastic bathroom wall panels do not suffer from the majority of these problems. Because it has a smooth surface rather than a grainy one, dirt does not become ingrained when using PVC. Any surface dust can be easily removed with a water pressure wash. It is not susceptible to water retention which can cause damp like wood is and it will never rot or attract insects. This makes them very hygienic for you and your family. They do not need regular cleaning and if they do require a clean this is easily achieved with a damp cloth and some normal household detergent.

When it comes to installing bathroom wall panels, plastic panels win the day here too. They are very lightweight and very easy to install. The average do it yourself person will have no trouble installing PVC panels. If you did decide to get professional help with this the cost should be quite low as the work required is not as much as with wooden panels. The cost of the plastic panels will be less than the wood panels as well.

These days you can get your plastic bathroom wall panels in a variety of finishes. It is possible to get decorative styles such as Tiled, Sparkle, abstract, marble and others too. There is also a full range of colours to choose from so that it is easy to match up with your existing colour scheme. It makes sense to protect your bathroom and make it look beautiful with PVC bathroom wall panels. At Celplas we have a great range of panels to suit your bathroom and your pocket. Get your fantastic bathroom wall panels from Celplas today.



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