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PVC Ceiling Panels

PVC Ceiling Cladding

Using PVC ceiling panels in your home has many advantages over the use of conventional materials. PVC cladding sheets can look very beautiful in your bathroom and provide a very hygienic alternative to other solutions. The cladding can be purchased in many different colours and styles so matching to your existing d├ęcor is very easily achieved and the final job is very pleasing on the eye.

The use of wood for interior cladding has been popular for many years but wood has the disadvantage that it is not very hygienic and is highly prone to dampness and attracting dirt that is very difficult to remove. Wood also requires maintenance work to keep it in top condition such as painting or varnishing and this takes time and money. Wood cladding is also prone to insect infestation which is something that you really need to avoid.

In contrast, PVC ceiling panels are a breeze to clean by simply spraying water under pressure on it. It is also much more hygienic as dirt and germs are more easily removed than they are with wood and other materials. Water droplets can be easily dried off with a cloth when you have plastic cladding which is not so easy with wood and brick as these materials have a tendency to absorb water which can lead to a lot of problems in the future.

PVC ceiling panels are very light and much easier to install. There is no finishing work required either like varnishing or painting so the installation work takes a lot less time. If you decide to hire a worker to install the cladding for you then this should be fairly economical as there is not a great deal involved with the installation work.

PVC cladding is being used more regularly in environments where health and hygiene are major considerations and this includes restaurants and other food processing environments and hospitals as well. The government has strict regulations for these kinds of environments and PVC ceiling panelling is the perfect answer.

If you want an easy to install and maintain, hygienic and beautiful looking solution for the ceilings of your home then interior PVC ceiling panels is the right choice for you. At Celplas we have a variety of products to meet your requirements at a very affordable price. Here at Celplas we have a great deal of experience with decorative products and we can help you with all of your wall and ceiling cladding needs.


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