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PVC wall cladding finishing trims

Make sure you secure a professional attractive finish with our range of PVC wall cladding finishing trims. Here at Celplas, our range of finishing trims covers J trims, H trims, internal and external corner strips, as well as Cladseal products for baths and showers. All of our bathrooms cladding trims are available in white and chrome to suit your style.

For any wall cladding project, hiding the joins between two panels is a great way to ensure you achieve a professional, stylish finish. This is achieved using a range of finishing trims, for the right places and purposes. These trims will include:

  • Starting trims to make sure your cladding starts off on the right path
  • H trims for joins between two panels
  • Internal corner trims for joins on inward facing corners
  • External corner trims for joins on outward facing corners
  • Covering trims for the edges of baths, showers or corners
  • Quadrant trims for joins between the cladding and the ceiling, or for an alternative aesthetic when compared to other trim options
  • Coving trims for an alternative join between panels and ceiling

We also supply PVC skirting boards and Cladseal products for installing around baths or showers, for full water resistance and protection. So you can get everything you need for your next cladding project, all in one place.

All of our trims are water-resistant and long lasting. Installation is simple, with no nails or screws necessary. Simply slot the wall panels into the pre-made channels to cover your wall. Our trims are easy to cut with a Stanley knife or a hacksaw, so you can use the size you need to meet your individual requirements.

Achieve a smooth finish to your wall cladding with our stylish and attractive finishing trims. Available in a range of colours, our finishing trims can suit any bathroom, from the most contemporary, to more traditional and classic spaces.

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