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PVC Guttering

Whether you need to replace and repair existing guttering, or your looking to transform the visual appeal of your new build or existing property, our selection of guttering could be perfect for you. Here at Celplas we stock a range of PVC guttering for your property, or your next project. With a variety of sizes and types of guttering we have something to suit any specifications and requirements, for any home, or any project.

Our PVC guttering is incredibly budget friendly, especially when compared with metal guttering systems and more traditional options. But this doesn’t mean that you will lose out on aesthetic, as our range of guttering is selected to give the best possible results in terms of appearance for your property.

Plastic guttering is incredibly long lasting and durable. This is because it is not susceptible to any changes in weather or temperature, so it does not corrode or rust. In addition, PVC guttering does not easily lose its shape, thanks to the natural flexibility of the PVC material.

PVC guttering is also easy to install, with no welding requirements, and no maintenance either. Your guttering will not need painting, or treating to prevent rust, so you could save time and money without a commitment to annual or bi-annual maintenance.

Here at Celplas, you can find a range of PVC guttering types to suite the requirements of your property, and your project. These include:

Half round guttering- this type of guttering offers a good flow capacity, and is compatible with most manufacturers. This means that it can be used for replacements and repairs

Square guttering- this is a type of guttering that can create a much more contemporary and modern look for your building. It is also a good choice for properties with a higher than average amount of rain, as it provides a higher flow capacity.

OG/OGEE guttering- this is a fantastic high capacity guttering system and it uses a pleasing curved style to achieve a visually attractive finish.

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  • Square Fascia Bracket

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  • Square Gutter Angle – 135°

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  • Square Gutter Angle – 90°

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  • Square External Stopend

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  • Square Internal Stopend

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  • Round Branch – 112°

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  • Square Pipe Bend – 90°

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  • 112 Pipe Bend

    Square Pipe Bend – 112°

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  • Square Pipe Shoe

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  • Square Pipe Connector

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  • Square Running Outlet

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  • Square Union

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