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Fascia & Soffit

fascia soffit gutter

An important part of any renovation or new build project is the fascia and roofline system. This is what will support your guttering and drainage system, and is compiled of fascia boards, soffits, and/or cover boards. Here at Celplas, we provide a range of high quality, visually attractive fascia and soffit solutions for any property, old or new.

The material you choose for your new fascia and soffits will determine how much maintenance and support your roofline will need, as well as how durable and long lasting your roofline will be. Our PVC fascia and soffit boards are the perfect option as these offer complete protection from the elements, including water, heat and wind, as well as insects. Because they are made from PVC our boards wont warp or move with thermal change, and won’t rot or decay from severe wet weather. So you can be sure that your roofline will be safe and strong for years to come.

Here at Celplas, our fascia and soffit boards are also low maintenance. You wont need to paint these to get the desired colour, instead, you can choose the best colour option for your home. We offer white boards, as well as a range of timber effect options, so that you can create your desired aesthetic quickly and easily. And this won’t need treating or sealing either, unlike real timber, so you wont have to invest more time in the future, to secure the appearance of your property.

Our fascia board can also be used for internal windowsills too, to help create a cohesive, stylish effect both inside and out.

We offer fascia cover boards for replacement and repair, as well as replacement fascia boards that can fully replace existing timber systems, or be used for new builds. We also offer a range of solid and hollow soffit boards, to suit a range of installation needs.

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  • Starter trim

    Hollow Starter Trim

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  • PVC fascia end cap

    Fascia End Cap

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  • PVC fascia corner

    Fascia Corner

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  • PVC fascia joint

    Fascia Joint

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  • Shiplap cladding

    Shiplap Cladding – 150mm

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  • Kavex Embossed Shiplap Cladding

    Kavex Cladding

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  • PVC quadrant

    Quadrant – 19mm

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  • Quadrant

    Quadrant – 12mm

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  • PVC angle

    50mm x 50mm Angle

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  • PVC angle

    25mm x 25mm Angle

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  • 100 x 80 PVC angle

    100mm x 80mm Angle

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  • PVC architrave

    Architrave – 95mm

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