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Bathroom Wall Cladding, 4 Reasons to Consider

PVC wall cladding

Modernising your bathroom can seem like a daunting task especially with a range of options for your bathroom walls that can be expensive and time consuming. Bathroom wall cladding is becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing wall covering that can protect your walls and ceiling more than other coverings on the market.

Cost-Effective Cladding – Transforming your bathroom could be infinitely more cost-effective when you choose a cheaper, high-quality material. Bathroom cladding can be significantly cheaper than purchasing ceramic tile, mosaic and even some wallpaper coverings and you could save even more when you decide to install it yourself; it is that easy.

Quick to Fit – When you remodel your bathroom you want the job to be done in as little time as possible to minimise the disruption to your daily routine. Unlike tiling or wallpapering your bathroom, wall cladding can be installed with next to no fuss and in a significantly shorter time so that you can enjoy using the bathroom of your dreams; sooner.

Range of Designs – Your designer bathroom does not have to come with a designer price tag. Whatever your taste of preference there is usually a bathroom cladding design to suit you. You can easily achieve the elegance of marble with marble effect bathroom wall cladding or add the intricate detail of tile with mosaic cladding.

Protects Bathroom – The bathroom is one of the trickiest rooms in the house to maintain. Daily use of showers and bathtubs can result in excess condensation, damp and mould building up and degrading your wallpaper, paint or grouting between the tiles. Properly sealed bathroom cladding can protect your bathroom walls and ceilings with a 100% waterproof covering that can keep your bathroom clean and dry.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to your bathroom modelling needs, you can find a range of bathroom cladding in a variety of designs at Celplas PVC Ltd. Our collection of bathroom wall coverings, cladding and trims are reasonably priced and beautifully designed. To find out more visit the Celplas PVC Ltd website.



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